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Introducing Jesus to the World

I am Jesus is a companion to the Bible

As followers of Jesus, our mission is to introduce Him to millions of people worldwide. I Am Jesus is a companion to the Bible and is neither a paraphrase or a translation. It is simply written as a first-person account – Jesus Himself, the Son of God, sharing His story of His walk on earth as the perfect man.

Jesus’ sermons, His miracles, and His example take on new meaning and become personal as step by step, day by day, Jesus relates His story in such a personal way that the reader is transported back to the day and locale of Jesus’ walk on earth. A selection of well-chosen, well-placed, photos, enhance the message of the text and strengthen the remarkable word pictures and action of the narrative.

A unique format feature is the inclusion of brief highlights, or Twitter commentary statements, which refer directly to Biblical truths found in other passages of the scriptures. These are depicted as quoted by Jesus to reinforce a promise, to challenge a specific action, or to provide additional insight.

Elmer Towns, Vice President of Liberty University and Gold Medallion Award-winning author has collaborated with Dr. Lee Fredrickson, career publisher and founder of 21st Century Press, in co-editing this companion to the Bible. Endorsements by well-known pastors and Christian educators describe the book with words and phrases including: “heart-stirring,” “life-changing,” and “amazing.”

I Am Jesus: My Life, in My Own Words 

Based on the  Gospel of John


In a world where trust is hard, love is temporary, and life seems so difficult, let Jesus’ own words, based on Scripture, touch lives and draw people to Him. This book, based on the Gospel of John, includes #Twitter Moments to emphasize the text and calls to action to respond to the message.

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This full-color, 104-page eBook is based on the Gospel of John in Jesus’ own words.

Download your free copy of I Am Jesus: My Life. The ebook includes a video from Jesus.

I Am Jesus: My Story, In My Own Words

My Life. My Legacy. My Letters.

Based on the Complete New Testament

Including a Chronological Life of Jesus.


This 416-page eBook includes Jesus’ life in chronological order, in His own words. Listen to Jesus as He lays the framework for His legacy, His church, in the book of Acts and then He uses His disciples to write letters to His churches. Finally, discover what the future holds for this world and eternity in heaven.

Contact us today at 417-889-4803, and become a part of a movement that will impact the world.

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Follow in My footsteps and I will show you how to live forever

Have a Coffee Moment with Me

What if you could sit down with Me and listen to My story?  What if I could tell you how I was born and grew up, how My life changed those I touched through My miracles, healing, and sermons?  I would love to tell you about My death and why that matters to you. I promise you My story can change your life forever.

My only motivation for you reading this book is to learn how much I love and care about you right where you are. Life is full of challenges, and what you can learn from My life can make a lasting difference in you and those you love.  

Reading this book, I Am Jesus, is like listening to Me talk to you. It is not boring or over your head. It’s simply Me telling you My story. I promise it will be worth your time and investment.

My life on earth began 2,000 years ago in a little town in Israel called Nazareth. I was born nine months later in Bethlehem.

­— Jesus

Mocha Latte MOMENT

Awesome! Captivating! In a first-person narrative­—Jesus seems to be sitting across the table from the reader, looking you in the eyes, and sharing the most exciting story ever told! What a new and refreshing insight with this genre. His story comes alive like never before! Jesus is your guide with a word picture beyond anything written in the past. If you read only one book this year, this is the one to read. It’s a page-turner and a life changer!

—Robert J. Strand Best selling author

Pour Over MOMENT

Believing in Me is eating and drinking from all that I am. It goes beyond what your soul thirsts for. I will satisfy you so that you will never thirst again. I am the end of your quest for satisfaction. There is nothing beyond and nothing better for your life. When you trust Me the way God intends for you too, My presence in your life and My promises will be so satisfying that you will not be dominated by the alluring pleasures of sin. Faith in Me nullifies the power of sin in your life and enables obedience to Me alone.


Espresso MOMENT

Do not be amazed at the things I’ve done in your life. I have forgiven your sins, given you purpose to live for Me, and you have the joy of the Holy Spirit. I have a wonderful plan for your life, and I’ve given you the determination to be victorious over sin. Tell others about the salvation that was freely given to you, and freely offered to everyone who believes.


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My Story

I Am Jesus, Who is from the beginning. I will tell you all about God the Father, because I was face to face with Him throughout eternity, because I AM God.

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