This is why I came to the earth I created

I Am Jesus, Who is from the beginning. I will tell you all about God My Father because I was face to face with Him throughout eternity because I Am God. 

Without Me, nothing was created that was created. I do all the things that God My Father does. I have all life in Myself and give life to all of My creation. I Am the life of God, Who is the Light to all who are lost in a dark, forbidding world. My light shines in your hostile world, but most in your world don’t even know that I exist. 

I Am Light, and there is absolutely no darkness in Me. So now you can declare this message to everyone.

#LoveMe. My Father loved everyone in the world so much that He gave Me, His One and only Son, to die for each of them.  Now everyone who believes in Me will not perish but will have eternal life. For My Father did not send Me to bring punishment to the people of the world, but that they might be saved through believing in Me. 

John Was My Witness

I began My ministry at age 30. John the Baptizer was a prophet sent by Me, who came to tell all about the shining Light, that through Me, the Light, all might be saved. John the Baptizer was not the saving light but was the human sent to point everyone to Me, the Light of the world. 

I am the true saving Light who offers spiritual light to everyone in the world. I came to the world that I created, but those living in the world did not recognize Me as their Creator Savior. I came to My own people—the Jews—and they refused to recognize Me. 

But as many as recognize Me, and receive Me, I will make them children of God, simply because they believe in the authority of My name. They will be born again by My power, which is not a birth of blood, or the choice of people, or of flesh, but of God. 

I had all the celestial glory of heaven, but I clothed My heavenly glory with human flesh. God living in the flesh was the greatest glory of all. I am the uniquely begotten Son and have all the grace and truth of God. John the Baptizer said of Me, “This is the Messiah whom I introduced to the world. Jesus comes after me, but is preeminently before me.”

#WalkWithMe. I Am the Eternal Word, who created the universe, who has eternal fellowship with God My Father, and who became flesh when I was born of the Virgin Mary. You should worship and praise Me for all I am and do. I created you and everything in this universe. Worship Me for My unlimited power and greatness.

 My grace was offered, and your need of grace was fulfilled. The law of Moses condemned you to death, but grace and truth, by Me, gave you life. You could never have seen the eternal Father, but I came from His heart to show you what your Father is like.

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