Our mission is to come alongside your ministry and provide those who have a burden to introduce Jesus to their family, friends, and co-workers with a life-changing message. All this at an affordable cost to you. Please download the print deliverables and share them with your key leaders.

FIRST TOUCH: I Am Jesus is a Tri-Fold Tract and a Personalized 8-Page Booklet.

The first introduction to Jesus is a small tri-fold track that simply asks three questions with short responses from Jesus:



The second piece is an 8-page 4 1/2 x 6 1/2 booklet that is personalized for your church, which includes a Gospel presentation.

SECOND TOUCH: I Am Jesus: My Life, in My Own Words 

Based on the  Gospel of John


In a world where trust is hard, love is temporary, and life seems so difficult, let Jesus’ own words, based on Scripture, touch lives and draw people to Him. This book, based on the Gospel of John, includes #Twitter Moments to emphasize the text and calls to action to respond to the message.

Contact us today at 417-889-4803, and become a part of a movement that will impact the world.

This full-color, 104-page eBook is based on the Gospel of John in Jesus’ own words.

Download your free copy of I Am Jesus: My Life. The ebook includes a video from Jesus.


THIRD TOUCH: I Am Jesus: My Story, In My Own Words

My Life. My Legacy. My Letters.

Based on the Complete New Testament

Including a Chronological Life of Jesus.


This 416-page eBook includes Jesus’ life in chronological order, in His own words. Listen to Jesus as He lays the framework for His legacy, His church, in the book of Acts and then He uses His disciples to write letters to His churches. Finally, discover what the future holds for this world and eternity in heaven.

Contact us today at 417-889-4803, and become a part of a movement that will impact the world.

Download your copy of I Am Jesus: In My Own Words. Share this link with your friends.


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