Come Follow Me

I Am Jesus

“While I was blessing them, I was lifted up from them, and was taken up to heaven and disappeared into a cloud, leaving the disciples staring into the sky, looking for Me.” ­

You live in a world where trust is hard, love is temporary, and life seems so difficult.  If you are like most people, you often wonder if there is something more.  You want to trust and have stability in your life.  You want to experience lasting love and be loved.  All you want is to have a stable life and be able to provide for those you love and care for. The answer has always been there in Me, the One who created you, to trust, love, and walk with through life’s ups and downs.

Do you know that you will live with Me for eternity in Heaven?

 I had a plan for humanity when I created the world, and I have a plan for your life. It would be unfortunate if you went through life and missed out on My plan of eternal life with Me in Heaven.

Standing before God

One day you will stand before God, My heavenly Father.  Imagine, on that day, that He would ask you, “Why should I allow you to live with Me in Heaven forever?”  How would you answer God?  Before you go on, think about your answer.

I came to the earth I created to give hope

One night, I met a religious leader named Nicodemus.  This is what I told him. “My Father loved everyone in the world so much that He gave Me, His One and only Son, to die for each of them.  Now everyone who believes in Me will not perish but will have eternal life. For My Father did not send Me to bring punishment to the people of the world, but that they might be saved through believing in Me” (John 3:16,17).

I want you to live with me in heaven forever

You are saved by trusting Me, and I am within reach of any who searches for Me. Everyone can have salvation, which is as easy as calling for it and opening your heart to Me. Salvation is obtained by the word of faith which you received when you believed. You must confess with your mouth that I am the Lord Jesus, and believe in your heart that My Father raised Me from the dead, to be saved! For with your heart, you believe unto righteousness, and with your mouth confession is made to salvation (Romans 10:9,10). I promise that when you believe in Me, you will not be disappointed.

The faith I offer allows you to trust Me

If you put your faith and trust in Me, you can stop living by everyone else’s rules and you can start living by the principles I have given you in the Bible. I love you more than anyone else because I created you for a purpose. I want you, more than anything, to follow Me and let me direct your path in life.

Now, are you ready and willing to…

  • Trust in Me completely for eternal life, knowing that you cannot save yourself?
  • Believe that I took your place, and paid for all your sins on the cross?
  • Repent of your sins and follow Me?
  • Receive God My Father’s gift of eternal life through Me?

If you can answer YES to these questions then you are ready to pray the following prayer, believing it in your heart.

If you are not ready at this time then continue to learn about Me and the love that I have for you.


 Pray this prayer and  believe it in your heart

Dear Jesus,  I confess that I have sinned and cannot save myself.  I believe that You died for me. Please forgive me of my sin and come into my heart right now, and save me.  Help me to turn from my sin and become a  follower of you. Amen.

If you prayed the prayer or still have questions, just click the button below, my followers are ready to help you.

I am so glad you prayed the prayer

I want you to know that there is joy in Heaven because of the decision you made to receive Me as your Savior. Don’t be surprised at the things I will do in your life as you begin to follow me in your Christian life. I am going to be there for you in your new-found faith, and I will help you to overcome temptations in your life.

There will be times when you don’t know what to do, and which way to turn. I will shine a light in your heart through my Word, so you will know the plan I have for you. The best thing you can do for Me right now is to find another Christian believer to celebrate with.  This is the first day of the rest of your life on earth, and you have eternity with Me to look forward too. Now, tell someone else about it.

Get to know believers like you in My church

As you continue your walk as a new believer in Me, you need to meet with other believers just like you. In My local church, you will find more of My followers who will pray for you and guide you as you learn to live for Me with all your heart.


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